Turn the laws of nature around and see a strand of dune grass bent forward into the wind.  Place a little tatter of thin grey wool around the shaft. That was my first glimpse of Lenora Chamblis.  It was New Year’s Day, 1997, and I had left the front counter and gone into my office […]


How might hurricanes, waiting 5th in line at a traffic light, municipal policies regarding abandoned and abused animals, and an ethics discussion have something in common?  I think that, if you work with folks experiencing homelessness, they can illustrate how our own beliefs and assumptions inform how we look at others, including those people experiencing […]

Needham Alley

Needham Alley (far from his real name) grew up learning odd jobs early in Whitneyville, a little east of Jonesport.  Not “living the dream” but instead mirroring the poverty of almost every family around him.  His life story would track well with the majority of folks his age range in that region some people call […]


Charles is one of those wonderful reminders that we are working with real human beings. And those human beings are broader and deeper than patterns or labels.


Let’s acknowledge we’re imperfect. Then let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work on rebuilding our sense of unity, our goals of common welfare, and our declarations of our values and purpose.


A new post depicting the life of a former guest here at the Shelter and some hidden truths that don’t always reach the surface…

Individual Rights or Professional Responsibility?

We have a history of criminalizing the mentally ill and then casting them out of our sight. It’s been the view from Main Street that some sick people have not received the help they have needed ironically form a position of respecting their decision to decline, a decision not reached through a healthy mind.

Mary Jo

Mary Jo died last month.  You wouldn’t have known this from an obituary, even if you’d known her, as there wasn’t one.  In death she was even more invisible than she’d been in life. I’d known Mary Jo since 1997.  In some ways she was my introduction into the world of people living alone with […]